Patti Vaithiyam Tips in Tamil பாட்டி வைத்தியம்

    Tamil Patti Vaithiyam Tips in Tamil - பாட்டி வைத்தியம்

    TRADITIONAL AND HEALTHY FOODS AT YOUR DOOR STEPS - Namma Patti Vaithiam Food Products and Home Remedies

    Namma Patti Vaithiyam Food Products  is to selling traditional and healthy Quality food products to improve the healthy lifestyle of our customers globally through the concept of "Food as Medicine - Grandmother's Remedy".

    Making quality Indian traditional and healthy food items for the people of the world using modern Scientific and technological methods.
    1) Making quality nutritious Indian traditional food items world famous.
    2) Ensuring the quality raw materials
    3) More focus on Research and Development

    Visit our patti Vaithiyam e-commerce website and enjoy with traditional and healthy food products for better lifestyle. We are excited to announce the launch of our new project!

    Every human being should live in harmony with nature along with natural remedies and traditional food products of world class. Our culture has given us a great gift, let us preserve it.

    So people prefer to follow our Indian traditional home based food style to avoid side effects, that comes under the concept of "FOOD IS MEDICINE". To meet out the expectation of these people, we prepare and deliver more than 10 natural and herbal products based on the concept of "GRANDMOTHER THERAPHY" is also called Patti Vaithiam.

    But in our mechanical life throughout the world, people fail to lead a healthy lifestyle. Thereby they were prone to the easy attack of many diseases. They don’t have traditional and healthy food remedy yet.

    So Patti Vaithiam producing and selling quality traditional healthy products to end customers through multiple channels and fostering healthy social networks.
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    Over 10,000+ Happy Customers Eats Healthy! & Lives Healthy! with "Namma paati"

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