Patti vaithiyam Tips (kurippugal) in Tamil


    பாட்டி வைத்தியம் வீட்டு மருத்துவ குறிப்புகள் | Patti vaithiyam Tips (kurippugal) in Tamil 

    Patti Vaithiyam in Tamil ( maruthuvam ) refers to the traditional method of how the ancestors lead healthy lifestyle by following the concept of "food is medicine”. Believing that the food that we intake has direct impact on our body's health and hence prevents and fights against any diseases.

    Also, Tamil Patti Vaithiyam  uses the home ingredients effectively and  helps in two ways. Firstly, patti vaithiyam Tamil tips ( kurippugal ) helps our body to prevent the attack of any external agents that causes harm to our body.

    Secondly, when any infection occurred, Patti Vaithiyam in Tamil maruthuvam remedies helps in providing immediate and permanent solution in a natural way. By using natural, herbal and home ingredients. Thereby patti vaithiyam maruthuvam tips (kurippugal) in Tamil  helps in preventing the advanced level of any diseases. The Patti vaithiyam Tamil tips ( kurippugal ) and remedies does not cause any harms and side effects to our body.

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    Patti Vaithiyam in Tamil also acts based on the principle of prevention is better than cure. The tips and remedies of patti vaithiyam is applicable for ages of all groups. Right from new born babies till the adults, the patti vaithiyam tips are applied to them based on their age and the problems faced by them.

    Patti vaithiyam tips (kurippugal)  and remedies are available in the form of food and natural drinks using the home ingredients. 

     Traditional patti vaithiyam patti vaithiyam maruthuvam helps in curing various problems like knee crack for women and men with  herbal home ingredients, constipation problem for elders with herbal and natural foods.

    Constipation remedy for kids with natural foods, Fever remedy for all ages with Patti Vaithiyam in Tamil herbal kashayam.

    Cold remedy for kids and adults with natural herbs, ulcer remedy for adults with home food ingredients, natural Dandruff remedy for all ages, Anaemic remedy for all ages with home foods. 

    Throat pain remedy for adults with Patti Vaithiyam herbal kashayam.

    Paati vaithiyam herbal oils for adults shoulder pain, Blood purification using natural juice and paativaithiyam natural foods, ear pain remedy for all ages with Patti Vaithiyam home food ingredients.

    Remedies for kidney stones with natural home foods, heat bubbles remedy with Patti Vaithiyam herbal foods and kashayam, eye problem remedy with herbal and natural foods, sinus remedies with Patti Vaithiyam in Tamil.

    Herbal kashayam, tooth pain remedies using natural home food ingredients, pregnancy kashayams for easy normal deliveries, dust allergy remedies with paati vaithiyam's natural drinks. 

    Cold remedy to handle winter season with paati vaithiyam natural foods and kashayams, EarPain instant remedy with Paati vaithiyam herbal oils, Dysentry home remedy for kids with natural home foods.

    Fever remedy for kids with herbal paativaithiyam kashayams. Nervous disorder remedy with Paati vaithiyam natural drinks.

    Indigestion remedy for adults with Paati vaithiyam foods, Periods pain remedy for ladies with paati vaithiyam herbal foods and drinks, Fever remedy for Adults with paati vaithiyam kashayams.

    vommiting remedy with paati vaithiyam drinks and soups and  Baby body weight gain tips (kurippugal) and foods naturally.

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