Patti vaithiyam in tamil for fever | பாட்டி இயற்கை வைத்தியம்

Patti vaithiyam in tamil discusses about very common factor that occurs for every one in common. patti vaithiyam in tamil discusses about fever. Fever is commonly seen for all ages of people. patti vaithiyam in tamil  says that Right from the new born till the older people will come across fever most commonly in their life span.

patti vaithiyam in tamil says that fever is a part of our body routine, which creates immunity to our body. Fever also needs to be taken care in an appropriate manner. Redirecting fever in an different angle leads to worst part of fever. For the kids, we do home made remedies like reducing the body temperature using wet clothes on the fore head of the babies.

patti vaithiyam in tamil also insists us to take lot of water and urinate frequently so that body temperature will be reduced. patti vaithiyam in tamil points that as the temperature of our body gets reduced, the fever also comes down. patti vaithiyam in tamil is very concerned about the type of food we take during fever.

patti vaithiyam in tamil shows multiple remedies for fever. For the adults we should be in open air not in an closed environment. The good air circulation is more needed to get rid of fever. patti vaithiyam in tamil also points out that one should take more water in frequent duration, that will get rid of fever.

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