Cancer Junk food remedy – Ragi ladoo Indian traditional Snacks Prepared by Grand Mother | patti vaithiyam in Tamil

 Paati vaithiyam in tamil is an channel that focuses on the remedies for various health related problems in an traditional way. The channel Paati vaithiyam through its multiple videos helps in preventing from the cause of multiple common and dangerous diseases like dry cough, kidney stone, motion, fever, weight, constipation, dandruff, white hair, delivery, baby, cold, pregnancy, pimples, skin, headache, oil, irumal, urine infection, face, babies, marbagam, mugaparu, nenju sali,
vayiru vali, palvali, varattu irumal, psoriasis, vanthi, moolam, piles, sugar etc., The intake of junk food in large volume leads to multiple diseases. paati vaithiyam prevents the evolving of those new diseases for this generation by replacing the junk food with those of healthy foods made at home. the one among the healthier food suggested in Paati vaithiyam is Raagi laddu. all those junk foods are prone to the raise of cancer in humans irrespective of their ages. This Raagi laddu consists of multiple ingredients that are rich in calcium, iron, protein and helps in increasing the immunity. This Raagi laddu, product of Paati vaithiyam helps in replacing the junk food. The taste increases the intake of home made products and prevents having the Junk foods.


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