Patti vaithiyam in tamil for wheezing | பாட்டி இயற்கை வைத்தியம்

Patti  vaithiyam in tamil  now discuss about an important issue happening in most of us. Yes Patti  vaithiyam in tamil is providing the tips on wheezing. Patti  vaithiyam in tamil discusses about how to cure wheezing and also how to prevent wheezing. Patti  vaithiyam in tamil suggest to prepare home made thailam which is commonly known as minsaram thailam for the better prevention of wheezing.

Patti  vaithiyam in tamil  is now providing the steps to prepare the minsaram thailam for wheezing. Take pudina uppu, oma uppu,katti karpooram each 20 gm and add it to glassbottle. Patti  vaithiyam in tamil says that these ingredients in an bottle needs to be shaked well and  set aside. This is known as minsara tailam base.

Patti  vaithiyam in tamil requests us to use this for the people suffering from wheezing in the below said method. Patti  vaithiyam in tamil suggest to add 100ml coconut oil to the minsara thailam and apply 15 drops to our body externally to get rid from wheezing. Patti  vaithiyam in tamil says that the quantity varies for different ages of the people. Patti  vaithiyam in tamil also says that based on the level of wheezing this thailam can be applied more than twice a day.

Patti  vaithiyam in tamil says that apart from applying this thailam, the people suffering from wheezing are asked to take warm water always. Patti  vaithiyam in tamil also suggests simple breathing exercises for the better circulation of air through out our body. Patti  vaithiyam in tamil confirms that following these procedures in an regular manner will definitely provides better results in reducing the wheezing.

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